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Chanelle James s (2)_edited

Chanelle James also known as ‘Nelle J’ is disrupting the arts and entertainment industry with her empathetic wandering poetry. Founder and CEO of Empathy Wanders, Nelle J is known for her success as a poet and business owner. She started her journey after writing her first book of poetry, Intuitive Ramble released May 2021. “Being an empath is therapeutic. I am able to rhythmically and candidly express thoughts and feelings about myself and others as a way to let the world know you are not alone. My goal is to offer perspective about situations we as humans face”.

Nelle J was born and partly raised in Conway/Myrtle Beach, SC and then later moved to Atlanta, GA. Her alma mater is Georgia State University. Although she is a poet, she also educates the youth. She has taught for seven years and counting. She loves writing, reading, art, nusic and exploring what life has to offer. 

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