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Chanelle James also known as ‘Nelle J’ is disrupting the arts and entertainment industry with her empathetic wandering poetry. Educator, author, founder and CEO of Empathy Wanders, Nelle J is known for her success as an educator, author and business owner. She started her journey after writing her first book of poetry, Intuitive Ramble released May 2021. Nelle J’s poems exude beautiful language and powerful imagery that explores the themes of love, empowerment, loss and rebirth. “Being an empath is therapeutic. I am able to rhythmically and candidly express thoughts and feelings about myself and others as a way to let the world know you are not alone. My goal is to offer perspective about situations we as humans face”. Her second title, ‘The Phoenix Tapes’, released March 2023 offers a collection of vibrant and evocative poetry that is grounded in raw emotion that is relatable and poignant. Nelle J offers readers a glimpse into the transformative power of love and the enduring nature of human spirit. Check out her collections of poetry:

The Phoenix Tapes Book Cover300
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