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The Phoenix Tapes Book

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Rebirth can generate feelings of an inferno that cause ash to otherwise be born again. Have you ever felt the need to begin again? Nelle J gives you another candid dose of her poetic vibes in her second book of poetry, The Phoenix Tapes. This book emerged from Nelle J's latest title, Intuitive Ramble, which focuses on themes of love, lust, empowerment, triumph, and faith.

In this book, Nelle J gives you two sides. Side A, Inferno, is a collection that dives deep into fiery, heartfelt moments that can be too much to bear or extremely exhilarating that cause spark. With her tell-it-like-it-is personality, you will feel the heat. Side B, Ash, mellows out the mood with a touch of charisma and a sense of renewal. Being authentically yourself even in heated moments is Nelle J's passion and purpose while navigating unnecessary baggage.

Are you ready for the flame wanderer?

Cover: Hardback

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